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Coaching Development Organization

Coaching 4 Coaches

What Is It?

The Coaching4Coaches™Mentoring system is not just another program for you to implement, rather it is a “Process”. The future of sport hinges on life-giving Coaches who are well balanced individuals. However, a Coach cannot give away what he or she doesn’t possess themselves. The Coaches of Excellence Institute is committed to providing a system for helping Coaches grow and navigate the treacherous waters of a Coach’s life. We accomplish this through side by side mentoring designed specifically by Coaches for Coaches. Great Coaches and Leaders are not mass produced or changed by a single workshop, however they can be developed through a process of life-on-life mentoring.

How Is It Done?

Through one-on-one communication and small groups, the Coaches of Excellence Institute provides trained and certified mentors/coaches that focus on the steps and the practical tools a 21st century Coach needs to help maintain balance in a win at all costs world. We accomplish this through mentoring relationships via email, phone and in person, where the 21st century Coach can be taught and be given tools to thrive and keep their priorities in order while growing personally, professionally and spiritually.

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